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Compact billet continuous casting machine
Equipment function:
For the continuous production of 90 * 90 ~ 150 * 150mm various specifications of carbon steel, low-alloy steel billet.
Composition of equipment:
Compact type billet continuous caster for the integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment and automation system of continuous casting machine set "electrical, instrumentation, computer" as one. Machinery and equipment mainly includes platform equipment (gyration platform of ladle; tundish; tundish; tundish baking device, etc.), a host device (crystallizer; vibration device; support guide; secondary cooling system; straightening machine; rigid dummy bar; flame cutting machine; conveying roller; steel roller; tilting cooling bed etc.) and maintenance of equipment.
Various models will be equipped with the necessary continuous casting process facilities according to the different requirements of users. Ladle without oxidation casting: mold level control, automatic pouring stopper, mold electromagnetic stirring, two cold end of electromagnetic stirring, casting billet marking machine, and so on
Technical characteristics:
Equipment investment is low, does not require large plants, production and maintenance costs are low
Equipment is simple in structure, easy to operate and maintain.
Advanced equipment design, reliable.

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