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Tundish baking device
Equipment function:
The middle tank baking device is divided into three kinds, which are tundish preheating device, tundish drying device and tundish nozzle heating device.
1. Tundish drying device: it is mainly used for the newly built or repaired tundish lining refractories in water gradually dry, the surface temperature of the refractory lining in 240 min. from room temperature gradually heated to 1100 DEG C;
2. Tundish preheating device: it is mainly used for casting molten steel rapid warming of tundish lining refractory material surface temperature, it can be in 90min will surface temperature of tundish lining refractories from rapid heating at a temperature of 500 DEG C to ~1100 DEG C;
3 tundish nozzle heating device: mainly used for casting the tundish nozzle of the temperature of the heating bake, it can be in the 90min from room temperature fast heating to ~1100.
Composition of equipment:
Each set of tundish baking device are by combustion system, tilting device, N2 gas blowing and sweeping device, instrument air pipeline, immersion nozzle preheating device, electrical and instrument control, machine, electricity, gas integration products.
Technical characteristics:
1 the device has novel design, high thermal efficiency, fast curing
2: all kinds of fuel gas and fuel oil
3 main burner: mixed type low noise burner
4 main burner ignition mode: automatic
5 nozzle preheating device: manual ignition
6 tundish drying time: 240Min
The inner surface of the drying temperature: 800 degrees 7
8 tundish preheating time: 90min

The surface of the preheating temperature of 1100 DEG C: 9


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