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Ladle turret of continuous casting machine
Equipment function:
Ladle turret ladle from the ladle to the continuous casting machine casting, and support the ladle, is the main platform for continuous casting machine equipment. Main functions of ladle turret
There: molten steel tank rotation, lifting, weighing, molten steel tank cover.
Composition of equipment:
Ladle turret mainly by the end of the table, a big bearing [with outer gear ring], rotary driving device, a turntable, a lifting arm, a supporting rod, a lifting hydraulic cylinder, ladle seat frame, and a supporting and weighing device, ladle capping device, protective cover, rotary and lifting limit device, a rotary joint and a slip ring and lubrication system structure.
The company can provide connecting rod lifting and straight arm of various carrying capacity (25t ~ 250t) of the ladle turret design complete sets.
Technical characteristics:
1 complete function, can meet the requirements of various process operation;
2 fully guarantee the strength, stiffness, to ensure that the use of safety;
3 rotary drive motor and hydraulic motor dual drive system to facilitate the processing of power outages and equipment Barrier;
The 4 rotary joints and electrical slip ring for rotating parts to improve the reliability of power supply;
5 adjacent steel ladle with good heat insulation protection measures.
6 carrying capacity: 25t ~ 250t (according to user's requirements design)
7 rotation speed: normal 1r/min, accident 0.5r/min

8 rotation angle: normal + 360 degree, fault 180

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