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Double cast slab continuous casting machine
Equipment function:
For the continuous production of 130 to 200 x 300 ~ 1000 various specifications of carbon steel, low alloy steel, alloy steel and high quality steel rectangular billet, billet. Conventional continuous casting machine is a mold casting first - class casting billet, double - casting machine is used to cast a mold with a mold two - casting billet caster.
Composition of equipment:
Similar to the conventional slab caster, the main equipment is:
1 platform equipment: ladle turret; tundish; double nozzle tundish; tundish baking device
2. The host device: Double casting crystallizer; vibration device; support guide section; segment; secondary cooling system; double lead ingot rod; flame cutting machine; conveying roller; pull steel machine etc.
3 control equipment and equipment maintenance area
Various models will be equipped with the necessary continuous casting process facilities according to the different requirements of users. Ladle without oxidation casting, mold level control, automatic pouring stopper, mold electromagnetic stirring, two cold end electromagnetic stirring, casting billet marking machine, etc.
Technical characteristics:
Double casting technology mainly has the following aspects:
1 tundish nozzle casting
2 mold with a water-cooled intermediate plug-in, the single cavity pouring into twin casting cavity
3 double head dummy bar
4 double headed cutting machine, cutting blank gun
5 roller double blank conveyer
6 pull steel double blank drawing steel
Two 7 cold system to adapt to the double billet uniform cooling.
Double casting machine has the following characteristics:
As of 1:
Slab, billet (rectangular billet, slab, the small slab and, in traditional slab crystallizer, additional water cooled intermediate plug-in, reservations on both sides of the width function can be cast two flow billet (rectangular billet), or two flow small slab; remove plug-in, and recover slab casting.
2 flexibility:
Available a caster adapt to the market variety specifications and specifications change the nozzle, can be through the replacement of intermediate plug thickness (width has little difference), but also by changing the tundish double nozzle spacing is realized.
3 compactness:
Double gate (or cast) function is in a traditional single casting machine, an increase of intermediate plug thickness can be controlled by a small (170 ~ 270mm), produced by the two flow (flow) of billet, spacing is very small, compared with two separate flow (flow) casting machine, greatly saves the car occupied area.
4 high efficiency:
In the cast slab width specification change range is large, single casting small billet, furnace machine are difficult to match, yields were significantly reduced, through a combination of twin casting (CAST), slab width summation changes very little, can effectively guarantee the production index, easy to realize the furnace, machine matching.
5 economy:

A machine, to meet the variety of specification premise, can reduce casting machine units, saving investment and production maintenance costs, especially some of the slab caster of small steel mills, using double pouring to transform, increase casting varieties, mining caster potential, increase the yield, less investment, quick effect is an economic and efficient measure.

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